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  Walk & Clean – Cape Clear Island

There has been an unfortunate accumulation of rubbish along sections of the Island’s road network during the winter months and it would be fantastic to collect as much as possible before the summer sets in. With enough people doing different sections in an organised manner it should be possible to complete the task or at least make significant inroads in one afternoon. We are therefore calling for as many hands, young and old as possible to gather at 12.00 noon on Sunday 15 May outside the Siopa Beag to make a good start. The idea is to cover the different sections in groups of two or more and plastic bags will be supplied. It would be a good idea to bring gardening or other gloves. People may have noticed that some sections of roadway remain mysteriously clear of rubbish at all times and this is no coincidence but rather the work of various civic minded islanders who have quietly ‘adopted’ these sections and this may be an appropriate moment for a ‘Than You’ to those concerned.

email:   telephone: 028 41923