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Cape Clear Island News and Media

 Cape Clear Island, West Cork, Ireland.

by Cape Clear Ferry

The most comprehensive archive of articles, videos, etc  relating to Cape Clear Island available on the Web. Undated articles listed at


December 2017

Roaringwater Bay Journal, Great piece about Cape Clear Trust. Read here

Irish Examiner, Great article about East Skeam Island. Read here

Joel ben Izzy - Webpage, great tribute to Chuck & Nell. Read here

November 2017

Árd na Gaoithe, blog, Great true  story about emigrants from Cape Clear Island. Read here

The Journal, Efforts to boost tourism including to the Islands. Read here

October 2017

Examiner, More about Strom Orpheila. Read here

Irish Independent, raw footage of Storm Orphelia on Cape Clear Island. See here

September 2017

Southern Star, Great article on one of our oldest residents, Mary Mac O Donoghue. Read here

Outsider, Article on Cape Clear Trust, Fundraising Efforts. Read here

Irish Tech News - Fasinating article on birdwatching on the Cape with warden Sam Bailey, Read here

Southern Star, Article on an interesting inter island art project. Read here - Article on Irish Whiskeys with a complimentary mention of the Cape Clear project. Read here

August 2017

Irish Examiner, Article on Chuck Kruger. Read here

Irish Times, Great article by Stephen Collins on Chuck Kruger. Read here

Afloat, Item on Marina works on the Island. Read here

Southern Star, re medical evacuation from the Island. Read here

Irish Time. Short item on Storytelling Festival. Read here.

July 2017

Irish Examiner, General interest article on the Island. Read here.

Afloat , General interest article on Cape Clear with lots of photos. Read here

Southern Star, Nice article on excellent talks by Leo Enright on Islands, including Cape Clear on Space. Read here.

June 2017

Irish Farmers Journal, Article on Belted Galloways being transported to Island. Read here

December 2016

Southern Star, Article on poems by JK Cotter. Read Here

November 2016

Irish Examiner - Interesting article on 30th anniversary of wreck of Kowloon Bridge. Read Here

Southern Star - Prestigious award for 'A Taste of West Cork'. Read here

West Cork Times - Prestigious award for 'A Taste of West Cork'. Read here

Irish Times - Item on Hostels, including Cape Clear Hostel. Read here

October 2016

Southern Star - Item on Ed and his guide dog Izzy. Read here

September 2016

Irish Times - Item on Portuguese Man of War, including over 80 washed up on Cape Clear. Read here

Irish Times - Item on things to do which refers to our Storytelling Festival. Read here

August 2016

Southern Star - Item on planning permission for Island Distillery. Read here - Item on planning permission for Island Distillery. Read here

Examiner - Item on planning permission for Cape Clear Island Distillery. Read here

Southern Star - Item on O'Donnabháin Rossa Event on Cape Clear read here

July 2016

Southern Star - Mugs Race read herd

June 2016

Bioblitz - results of Islands BioBlitz read here

May 2016

Examiner re pilot kayaking scheme for Islands. Read here

April 2016

Southern Star, article on Ventura Cup Powerboat Race. Read here

Irish Building Magazine. Award for Keatings. Read here

February 2016

Southern Star - Article on Storm Gate award. Read here

The Press and Journal - Scotland - Distillery on Raasay , similar sized island to Cape Clear. Read here

Irish Independent - Includes reference to Storm Imogen on Cape Clear Island . Read here

RTE - Reference to Storm Imogen, including arrival of technicians by helicopter to get power going . Read here

January 2106

Faylangballs- wordpress - Living on Cape Clear Island. Read here

Irish Times, Fine Gael Ard Fheis, Scroll over to 3rd photo for Cape Clear Connection. See Here

December 2015 

Evening Echo, Medical Evacuation from Cape Clear Island. Read here

Galway Independent - Prize awarded for design of hydraulic dock gate system. Read here

November 2015

Storytelling in Ireland, including Cape Clear Island. Read here

West Cork Times - Article about win for Cape Clear Film in Kerry Film Festival. Read here

Southern Star - A very nice article about our recently deceased friend Mary Cottor. Read here

October 2015

Article regarding glamping on Cape Clear. Read here

West Cork Times- Planing permission for new distillery on Cape Clear. Read here

September 2015

Southern Star 2015 - Re Fastnet Memorial, Read here

Irish Times, Various events including Cape Clear Storytelling Festival. Read here

June 2015

Southern Star - new public lighting for Islands. Read here

The Journal .ie - Interesting article on songwriter Marty Ryan, visiting and composing songs about Islands, including Cape Clear.

Read here

Irish Examiner - Presidents visit read here

Southern Star - Preview to Presidential visit. Read here

Southern Star - New award for Chuck Kruger. Read here

West Cork Times - Irish Water Announcement for Cape Clear. Read here

Irish Examiner - Up grade announced to water supply on Island. Read here

Irish TV/Sky Tv - Fantastic Program bout Cape Clear and the Fastnet Lighthouse See here

May 2015

Southern Star re Public Water Supply on Island. Read here

Southern Star - ref Huffington Post, Baltimore & Islands, Read Here

Sunday Independent - Story about Jeremiah Murphy, Fionnghuala Hickeys Grandfather and his part in the Lusitania story. Read here

April 2015

The wild Atlantic Way book by Stefan Schnebelt. Read here

The Daily Beast - Article on the growth of Irish Whiskey. Read here

Southern Star - Article on Aonru production to be screened in Club on 3 May. Read here.

Good item on growth of Irish Whiskey, Read here

March 2015

West Cork Times, Seals and Pier, Read here

Alfloat, Story of IIlen which refers to the two Cadogans who sailed in her to the Faulklands. Read here

Southern Star - New Water Sources found on Island. Read here

Southern Star - Seals delay pier. Read here

Irish Times, Growth of Irish pot still Whiskey on World markets, Read here

Cork News, Modest Funding awarded to Storytelling Festival, Read here

C103, Interview with Séamus Ó Drisceoil, regarding seals and planning permission , Listen here

West Cork Times, read here

Examiner, seals hold up pier, read here

February 2015

West Cork Times - Ministers Visit to Cape Clear - Read here

Eventbrite - Meet and Greet for Tourism Service Providers in West Cork. Read here

Raddison Hotel - Nice blog on Wild Atlantic Way, Read here

January 2015

Visit West Cork - 50 Best Photos of West Cork for 2014 including Cape Clear and Fastnet. See here

Examiner - Article on Storm Gates due to arrive in February. Read here

December 2014

Southern Star, Article on new micro brewery to be launched by Caseys of Baltimore on 13 December. Read here

November 2014

Sherkin Newsletter - Article on disastrous cuts in funding for Offshore Islands , Read here

October 2014

On the QT, Nice article about a vacation in Cleire Haven. Read here

Evening Echo - Article on transport of storm gate to Cape Clear Island, read here

Southern Star, -  Article on transport of storm gate structure to the Island,read here

West Cork Times - Article on Wild Atlantic Way with reference to Cape Clear  read here

September 2014

L & m Keating's website - fantastic video of storm gate arriving at Cape Clear. View here

August 2014

Irish Examiner - Great article on 20th Anniversary of Storytelling Festival. Read here

Irish Examiner - Article on water situation

Irish Times - Article on Cleirehaven Yurt Village and Cape Clear Island, read here

July 2014

Cork Post - Travels on Cape Clear by Stephen Walsh after the storm  , Read Here

RTE - It seems someone named a  rather successful racehorse after the Island. See Here

June 2014

Southern Star, Item regarding funding for Storytelling Festival. Read here

Red FM, Check out interviews with Niamh Ni Drisceoil re Basking Shark  in South harbour ,start at 28 mins. Listen here

Roaringwaterbay journal, Check out a nice article on Cape Clear Island. Read here

May 2014

Video of 'Super Pod of Dolphins' around Cape Clear Island .See here

Yu Tube, video of Music and dancing in Club Cléire on Sunday 18 May. See here

April 2014 

Irish Times - Article by Ann Marie Hourihan on Betty Purcells new book which make some outlandish claims regarding the wind energy system on Cape Clear Island. Read here. - Interesting article on Chuck Kruger, Read here

March 2014

Oileáin - Launch of a new  kayakers guide to Ireland's  Island's by David Walsh, Read here

Southern Star, - Article on islander Conor Ó Drisceoil's departure from the fishing industry, Read here

February 2014

Irish Mirror - Fantastic Item showing 'Happy in Baltimore' Video recently made, it will brighten up day, See here

Southern Star - Item on funding for storm damaged harbors, including Cape Clear, read here

Sunday Independent - Interesting feature on Kieron Cottor, Coxain of Baltimore Lifeboat, a native of Cape Clear Island, read here

January 2014

West Cork People, New Traditional music Course on Island, read here

Southern Star, report on recent storm, read here

December 2013

Afloat - Item on Contract for new Pier  being announced by Minister Simon Coveney, T.D. which will  cost €4m. Read here

November 2013

Southern Star - Article about Pier works

French TV 3 - Program about O'Driscoll Clan and Cape Clear Island with some superb footage, See here

Southern Star - Island Goat Farmed Ed Harper make the front page of the Southern Star in regard to a local campaign. Read here


September 2013

Southern Star regarding a recent evacuation from Cape Clear Island. Read here

Baltimore Lifeboat - Update and Open day Invitation, Read here

Interesting item on Storytelling Festival in Irish independent. Read here

August 2013

Read interesting blog in German regarding a tour of Seven West Cork island in Seven Day's by Wanderlust. Read here

May 2013

First part of an interesting and well written blog item about a trip to Cape Clear in bad weather by ER Murray. Read here

Second part of an interesting and well written blog about a trip Cape Clear by ER Murray. Read here

Third part of an interesting and well written blog about a visit to Cape Clear by ER Murray. Read here

Fourth part of an interesting blog about ER Murray's stay on the Island. Read here

March 2013

Irish Examiner, article on young people living on Islands including Cape Clear Island. Read here

Southern Star , article regarding proposed pier developments. Read here

Inis Cleire Facebook, reply to some inaccurate comments regarding the proposed harbor development. Read here

Southern Star, Item about planning permission for pier in North Harbour, read here

Southern Star, Item about current article in National Geographic featuring West Cork including Chleirehaven on Cape Clear Island, read here

Great Photo of Pádraig Ó Drisceoil, Cailín Óir Crew member, taken by Patrick Dineen, See here

Great Photo by Patrick Dineen, photographer, See here

Guide to Looped Walk on Cape Clear Island published in Sunday Times of 3 March and reproduced on Facebook. Read here

February 2013

Part 1 - Community Cat's Project on Cape Clear, Facebook page, See here

Part 2 - Community Cat's Project on Cape Clear, Facebook, See here

Facebook item related to the above, See here

January 2013

Southern Star, Article regarding new book on Cape Clear Island Place names. Read here

December 2012

RTE Television, last program about Cape Clear and Inis Meáin, view program here

November 2012

RTE Television, third program about Cape Clear and Inis Meáin, View program here

RTE Television, second program about Cape Clear and Inis Meáin. View progarm here

RTE Television, First program about Cape Clear and Inis Meáin ( subtitled) available for 21 days from 12.11.12. View program here

Afloat, Including piece by Tom Mc Sweeney on Island life on Cape Clear, Read here

October 2012

West Cork Times, Article on recent graduation ceremony in Sherkin Island includign photo of Danny Steward from Cape Clear. Read here

September 2012

New York Times article by Verlyn Klinkenberg on sailing in Roaringwaterbay, 'Charted Waters' Read here

RTE - Sad news about a missing diver in the vicinity. Read here

Article in Southern Star on collapsing Pier in North Harbor, Cape Clear. Read here

August 2012

Irish Times, article on whale stranded in Baltimore beside ferry pier. Read here

July 2012

Abbastuno Buono - Living in Italy - Glowing report of a recent visit to Cape Clear Island including accommodation and beverage providers,  walking trails, heritage Centre and goat farm. Read here

West Cork Times - Article on recent rescue close to Cape Clear Island. Read here

Great photo of Dún Aengus by Patrick Dineen, See here

June 2012

Nice photo of crew member of Ferry taken by Patrick Dineen, Photography. See Here

May 2012

New book about bird watching and natural history of Cape Clear Island by Steve Wing. Read here

Blue Monday Website, Recent trip of band to Cape Clear. Read here

April 2012

The Province, Canada, Article on Cape Clear, Sherkin and the Skelligs. Read here

Irish Examiner, Article by Eoin English on Titanic Beacons, including Cape Clear, Read here.

Árd na Gaoithe, Guesthouse, Cape Clear, Fantastic new video clip, See here

March 2012

RTE Radio, Celebrated program on Chuck & Nell Kruger, Listen Here

The Irish Trucker, No funds for Island's Roads. Read here

The Vancouver Sun, Article on Cape Clear, Sherkin & Skellig Michael Islands, Read here

Southern Star, Article on West Cork Islands Community Council & Website. Read here

February 2012

Irish Whale and Dolphin Group, Weekend courses on Cape Clear Island in 2012. Read here

Irish Whale and Dolphin Group, Fin whales off West Cork in February. Read here

Irish Examiner, Arrival of Alan Massey, Lifeboat Baby & Mother, Cecelia & Niamh Ni Drisceoil, Read here

Radio Interview with Matt Bondurant, author of the Nightswimmer. Listen here

The New York Times - Review of the Nightswimmer by Matt Bondurant. Read here

The New Statesman - Review of The Nightswimmer by Matt Bondurant set on Cape Clear Island and the Fastnet  Read Here

Blue Awning Books - Review of The Nightswimmer by Matt Bondurant Read Here

Birdwatch Ireland - Wildlife coursed on Cape Clear Island in 2012. Read Here

January 2012

Irish Examiner - Interesting article on new Baltimore Lifeboat  and station upgrade. Read Here

The Apprentice - Congratulations to Cape Clear Island Campsite and Yurt Village, Chleirehaven operated by Dave & Sally  which has been nominated in a  prestigious competition and could win €10,000 of merchandise, click here for more info and to vote your support

November 2011

Southern Daliy Echo, Article on West Cork including Cape Clear. Read Here.

TG4 - Mí na Meala, Program on Micheál & Síle Ó Ceadagakin, Cape Clear. Play Here

October 2011

Whales Online - Article on Tim Regan, from Cape Clear Island on his 100th birthday.

Read here

University Observer Online - Article on Cape Clear Island in University College Dublin Magazine.

Read here

RTE 2 - Dramatic Account of recent rescue at Fastnet Rock, our own vessel, Dún an Óir assisted in the search.

Play here

TG4 - Ceol na nOileán , Program about traditional music on Cape Clear Island

Play here

September 2011

- Irish Times, Go Outdoors, 'Big Hearted Walk on Cape Clear Island, Sunday 24th September

Read here

- Trip Advisor, Recent Items on Cailín Óir Ferry Service

Read here

August 2011

- Irish Times, Item on recent Fastnet Race sinking with references to Cape Clear

Read here

- Wall Street Journal, Article on West Cork, including Cape Clear

Read here

RTE - Emmas Blog, A recent visit to the Island

Read here

June 2011

RTE - Nationwide Revisited, Program about Ed Harper, Island Goat Farmer and Cape Clear Island

Play here

Irish Central, Article on Irish Islands including Cape Clear Island

Read here

May 2011

Irish Times - Article referring to Cape Clear Island Hostel, June Weekend

Read here

Discover Ireland Website - Forthcoming Open Islands Weekend.

Read here

Amber Blaire, Whoofer - Blog of her recent stay on Cape Clear Island.

Read here

April 2011

Cape Clear Hostel - Journey Planner.

Read here

March 2011

Southern Star

Article on launch of Chuck Krugers latest Poetry Collection, Island Alchemy. Read Article Here

Irish Times

Excellent article on looped trails on the Island. Read here

Southern Star

Article on arrival of Island Princess to be renamed Dún an Óir II. Read here

Blarney Castle Website

Nice video of Cape Clear with evocative music. See video here

Baltimore Blog

Item on 2011 Walking Talking Weekend including photos from last years event. Read article here

January 2011

Joyces Ireland ( Walking Tours)

Stunning photos of walking tour on Cape Clear led by our Manager, Séamus. See photos here

December 2010

Afloat - Cape Clear Ferry Service Award.

Read article here

Irish Times

Another travel article by Catherine Mack, mostly about Inis Óirr. Read article here

A & C, Natural History Publishers

Reprint of Natural history of Cape Clear Island in its original hardback format. Read item here

October 2010

Irish Times

Lora Siggins - Habitation of West Cork Islands under threat. Read article here

Southern Star

West Cork Islands Strategy Launched. Read article here

Irish Times

Article of decommissioning of small fishing vessels including the iconic 'Ard Casta' on Cape Clear Island, the oldest trawler in the Irish fishing fleet. Read article here

September 2010

Irish Times

Maurice Neligan refers to Storytelling Festival. Read article here


Small Ferries Report. Read article here

August 2010

Emara website

Launch of Goatmans Litancy cd in Club Cléire. Read article here

July 2010

Irish Times

Irishman's Diary by Seán Ó Rian. Read article here

Southern Star

Skibbereen Notes - See Item on 'Oileán', a exhibition of photography by children and adults from Cape Clear Island. Read article here

June 2010

Set dancing website

Trip to Cape Clear Island 2010. Read article here

Irish Times

Review of 'Goatmans Litany', Ed Harper's new cd. Read review here

Report in Afloat regarding Baltimore Lifeboat call outs.

Read article here

Report on IWDG website on a super whale watching weekend on Cape Clear Island.

Read article here.

Southern Star Article regarding availability of petrel for seafarers on Cape Clear Island.

Read article here.

Blog entitled "Weekend in Heaven"

Regarding past June Bank Holiday Weekend on Cape Clear Island. Read blog here

May 2010

Express & Star, UK.

Item on man from Cape Clear and a lifejacket from the Lusitania Sinking which occurred 30 miles from the Island. Read article here


Article by Damien Enright on May Walking Weekend on Cape Clear Island. Read article here

In your pocket, details of wildlife courses available on Cape Clear Island.

Read article here

Irish Times

Article on Cléire Haven, Ireland's only yurt village on Cape Clear Island. read article here

April 2010


Article on Walking Talking Weekend by Damien Enright, read article here

Cork Independent

Piece on Walking Talking Weekend, read article here

Southern Star

Article on May Walking Talking Weekend, read article here

March 2010

South West Business (UK)

Article on Steve and Mary of The Bird Obs, read article here

Tom McSweeney article in the Echo

View article here

TV3 - The Morning Show with Sybil & Martin

Interview with shareholders in Cork Swansea Ferry, Including our Secretary/Manager. See show here

February 2010

Irish Times

Sea Kayaking article referring to abundance of cetaceans around Cape Clear Island. Web master can vouch for this from personal experience. Read article here.

Southern Star about launch of new service.

Click here to see full article

Baltimore and the islands brochure.

Read brochure here

Fire in South Harbour

See Emara article,  Read article here

Press Release on website of Department of Community, Rural & Gaeltacht Affairs

Read article here

Article in Xornal de Galicia

Cléire Ferry Contract - Ó Cuív.  Read article here

December 2009

RTE's Sunday Miscellany

Items by Chuck Kruger. Read items here


Article in Ireland Fun Facts

Regarding a fun bicycle trip to Cape Clear Island  Read article here

November 2009

Marine Times article

Marine Time Article Ferries for the FutureFerries for the Future,  by Cailin Óir Secretary on EU funded ferries project published in  November 2009, taken from blog. Read article here


October 2009

Southern Star

Southern Star Article on Womens All Ireland Football TeamArticle on the heroes return to Cape Clear Island for Verona Ni Drisceoil and the conquering rebelettes of the Cork Ladies Senior B team, All Ireland Winners 2009. Read article here

September 2009


Article on Cork Swansea FerryArticle on 'Peoples Ferry', new Cork Swansea Ferry with an honorable mention of Cape Clear Island Investors - Read article here

September 2009

Update on Cork Swansea Ferry

Not strictly about the Island but this project is strongly supported by Cailín Óir Shareholders together with many other investors in West Cork - Read article here

Article on IMDA website

Regarding Cape Clear Island Charity Fund day held in August 2009 Read article here

Irish Times

Article on goats including a reference to Cléire Goats, Cape Clear Island's Goat Farm Read article here

August 2009

Irish Times

Reporting on 50th Anniversary celebrations of Cape Clear Bird Observatory.  Read article here.

July 2009

Article in Birdguide Ireland

Regarding new book on Island, Echoes from Cape Clear. Read article here

Southern Star

Article On Maureen O'Sullivan, TDReporting of Maureen O'Sullivan TD's triumphant visit to Cape Clear Island following her successful election 4th July 2009.  Read Article here.

June 2009

Southern Star

Article on Paddywagon, Cape Clear IslandReporting on Cape Clear Islands newest tourist attraction, Paddys Wagon 27 June 2009. Read Article Here

The Age, Melbourne Australia

Article on Cape Clear IslandReporting on walking talking tour of Baltimore and Cape Clear Island.  The tour on Cape Clear Island was provided by the Cailín Oír ferry service.  Read article here.

May 2009

Article in German Lifestyle webpage published in May 2009.

Click here to see full article

Sheelanagig website

Item on pinhole photography project on Sherkin and Cape Clear Islands, including some good photos. See item here

March 2008

Report in Seascapes

West Cork Islands Dinner DanceRTE's Maritime programme on Island's dinner dance - written by Secretary of Cailín Óir. Click here to see full article

June 2008

Set Dancing News

Reporting on trip to Cape Clear Island on the Cailín Óir, Click here to see article and scroll down

Web blog on Cape Clear and Sherkin Islands.

Read article here.

June 2007

Marine Times

Reporting on the launch of the Cailín Oír ferry service between Baltimore and Cape Clear Island in June 2007.  Click on image or here to see full article.

May 2007

Southern Star Article on Launch of Cailin Óir Service.

Read article here

March 2007

Evening Echo

Article on crew member and Skipper Niamh Ní DrisceoilArticle on Niamh Ni Drisceoil, Cailin Óir crew member.  Click on image or here to see full article.

June 2007

Southern Star

Article on Cailín Óir. Read article here


Sheffield news

Restaurant review on James Bell  & Julie Rowding, restaurateurs, taking part in 2010 Walking Talking Festival.  View article here and here

June 2006

St Marys Euxton, Fr Dan Cadogans Diamond Jubilee.

Read his story here

July 2005


Interesting review on island. Read review here

September 2004

Article in UK Telegraph

On Cape Clear, Sherkin and Heir Islands including the former Skipper Concubar Ó Drisceoil. Read article here

November 2004


Article on Island's Tourism Initiative by Séamus Ó Drisceoil, now Manager of Cailín Óir Ferry Service. Read article here

October 2004

Sunday Independent

Article on Concubar Ó Drisceoil, former Skipper of Naomh Ciarán 11About Conchubhar O Drisceoil, much loved skipper of the Cape Clear Island ferry by Eoghan Harris.  Click here to see article.

September 2004

UK Telegraph article:

"Ireland, Clear haven for hungry migrants" Read article here


Tribute to former skipper, Concubar Ó Drisceoil, O Driscoll Website,

Read article here


Poem by Poet Ted Deppe

Former Island resident in Southern Review, Autumn 1999. Read poem here


History of Atlantic Cables including Cape Clear Island Telegraph Station.

Read article here

How the Cape Clear International Storytelling Festival got Started by Chuck Kruger.

Read here

A Windy Tale of Cape Clear

By Robert Mc Garvey, To read click here and scroll down

Article by Roy Small in Diver Magazine

Regarding wreck diving on Iberian, located off Cape Clear Island, Read article here

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